BrokerHub has added new Exchange functionality for all users.
Using a newly created trading platform type in conjuction with Eurex/Deutsche Börse, Brokers will now have MTR functionality through the BrokerHub GUI:

  • Create and propose a Block trade to Eurex Trading members, and Monitor for Ratification
  • Available to all IDB firms (not only Eurex members)
  • Access for all individual Brokers (no Eurex registration required)

Call +44.203.318.4117 or email for more information.

Licensing Brokerhub offers you access to a web-based network linking traders, brokers and back office.

An application programming interface (API) allows for quotes to be broadcast directly to clients’ pricing models.

Confirmed trade data can then be interfaced with trading and settlement systems facilitating Straight-Through-Processing of brokered trades.